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New Vs. Used Cubicles

When it comes time to buy cubicles, there are a lot of separate elements one may want to consider. One of the more common debates over cubicles is whether to purchase them new or used.

When it comes time to buy cubicles, there are many elements you want to consider.

One of the more common debates is whether to purchase new or used. When Ken Marsh from Procter & Gamble was asked why he chose new cubicles, he explained:

“We thought about the future when we picked [cubicles] out. We wanted new to ensure that we could get parts for them. We will expand in the future, and we’re ready for that in the way we laid the rooms out. It is important that everything matches when we connect more cubes and keep growing.”

Ken Marsh chose new cubicles, but that may not be the approach that works best for you. Fortunately, Fastcubes now sells both new and used cubicles, cementing our status as a “one-stop shop” for any of your office furniture needs.  Not sure which option is best for your office space? Let’s take a look at some of the similarities and differences between the two.

Should I Choose New or Used Cubicles?

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Cubicle Dimensions & Parts

When you purchase used cubicles, it may be quite easy to overlook missing cubicle parts when trying to get everything assembled and installed. What looks good in the seller’s office may not work in yours. Maybe the seller’s office has extra walls or fewer aisles. Buying new cubicles avoids such problems, allowing you to pick and choose your desired accessories and color patterns. Unsure of what to purchase? Fastcubes provides an office floor plan at no extra cost!


Have a lower budget? Used cubicles are a robust alternative to the cost of purchasing new ones. Even the most high-quality builds can be picked up at a lesser price once somebody has been using them for a while. For the added convenience of our valued clients, Fastcubes sells both new and used cubicles, presenting you with the widest possible array of options to furnish and arrange your office.

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Get What You Want

At the end of the day, you want to make the best possible decision for your office, weighing your company’s strengths and moving forward in a prudent manner. Sometimes, new cubicles can be the critical investment that prepares your office space for success and future growth. On the other hand, valuable capital may be necessary elsewhere, and you may want to purchase used cubicles. Either way, Fastcubes is here to help. You can rest assure we’ll give you the best products possible at the industry’s most competitive rates.

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