Benching Systems

Want to encourage employee engagement and creativity and make your team feel united? Our benching systems provide the open office atmosphere you’re looking for.

Flexible & Adaptable

The benching systems cohesively blend with different cubicle offerings to create a simple office design, to modern office designs. The flexible and adaptable framework supports a wide range of work styles, adding versatility to any work environment. With integrated height-adjustability, power and data access and more,  it is easily adaptable to each user’s needs.

Our modern office benching system brings this new generation of design to the office and helps to foster a collaborative team environment.

Talking with one of our industry experts will comfort you in choosing the right layout plan for your company.

Fastcubes' modern office benching system designs that bring this new generation of design to the office that help foster a collaborative team environment, create an open office concept while providing enough privacy and fashion a modern office feel.

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“I sent over my CAD drawings to John at FastCubes. He used them to complete a layout of cubicles that met our strict corporate standards, as well as the look we wanted. Everything came out perfectly in my opinion.”

– Ken MarshFacilities Engineering Department
Procter & Gamble – Dover, DE

“As a trainer and designer for our corporate Customer Service Training, which reaches over 800 employees I must say you all have been an extremely helpful and professional company to work with. I expect the same quality with the cubicles you are providing. I am sure to use this experience in my seminars. Again, for your cooperation and helpfulness.”

– Nick Owen WilmotthVice President, Corporate Development
Community Health Systems, Inc.

“Dear FastCubes Office Furniture: Thanks for a fantastic office furniture buying process. We recently expanded our business tremendously, and needed help moving into a new space. Your team was instrumental in helping us map out our work areas. I was also very pleased with your products – great pricing, easy to install, and they look sharp! Thanks again guys.”

– Steven AcreeFounder & Publisher
American Lifestyle Magazine – King of Prussia, PA.