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We know Cubicles are not something you deal with every day. So most likely, a lot of this information will either be new, something you may not find yourself too familiar with, or, it‘s been a while since your last cubicle project and you need a quick refresher. We want you to know that’s ok, a lot of people looking to purchase cubes/workstations experience the same thing. That is why we created informational videos and downloadable guides to help you with any questions or concerns you may have.  

If you would like to know more about what to expect when you are about to purchase cubicles. Download the guide below.

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Concerns When Buying Cubicles

We know that when you are about to make a big investment into your business such as buying cubicles, you want to be 1000% confident in your decision on who to go with. Play the video below and see WHY a Fortune 500 company chooses Fastcubes for their Cubicle needs.  

Complete Customized Office Cubicles Shipped Within

72 Hours Guaranteed!

100% FREE “No Obligation” Expert Consultation

Hear What Clients Are Saying..

“I was tasked with the responsibility to open a brand new office for my firm in NYC. Since my firm’s clients are the who’s who of top executives from around the world – I unquestionably needed top-of the line furniture (conference room tables, chairs, cubes, etc.). My problem was, I had a limited budget – I had champagne taste on a beer budget. I fortuitously stumbled upon I had the pleasure to “meet” John Franklin. I articulated what my exact needs were (in addition to the esthetic I was looking for). I was presented with a myriad of options in a timely fashion. Mr. Franklin worked with my budget. I am delighted to say that my NYC office (and we have over 50 offices) is the showcase office. Mr. Franklin, an extremely knowledgeable man in his field, is a joy to work with – from the selection process, to the price points, to ordering, to the delivery and set-up, he met every expectation.”

Erika Brown

Executive Vice President: Corporate Strategy

Quality, Price and Delivery “We needed to expedite a pretty quick turnaround to get the new cubicles in, I started with the internet like a normal shopper, after a comparison of quality, price, and delivery of the type of furniture we wanted that met our standards, won out.” (See a Post-installation interview with Procter & Gamble‘s Ken Marsh.)

Procter & Gamble - Dover, DE

Facilities Engineering Department

The Cubicle Trifecta: Competitive Pricing, Prompt Delivery & Easy Installation “FastCubes…Before locating FastCubes on the net, I wasted days searching Southern California for used cubicles. What I saw were damaged odds and ends of old cubicles that would cost as much or more than the four cubicles I ordered from you. Delivery was prompt and the cubicles were new and very easy to install. We’ll need more in the near future and I know the first company I’ll be contacting…it’s Fastcubes!”

Joseph Goldstein


Complete Customized Office Cubicles Shipped Within

72 Hours Guaranteed!

100% FREE “No Obligation” Expert Consultation

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