For the ladies, it might mean a great necklace to go with your shift dress or guys that great watch to accessorize your crisp blue button-down but for the Fastcubes crew, it’s all about chairs, tackboards, binder bins and more.  These are the accessories we go crazy for.   Hold onto your hats, this Cubicle Dictionary series is dedicated to some of our favorite cubicle accessories!

Tackboards simply refer to boards you can tack things onto.  No more forgetting those important meetings or remembering when your son’s next soccer game is, just tack up your calendar so it’s right in front of you when you sit down in your cubicle.

Chairs are those things you sit on, right?  Our designers know that you are in your cubicle for most of your workday and that comfort is key.  Our team offers a wide variety of office chairs for you to choose from including ergonomic, executive, and conference room chairs.  We also offer different sizes, fabrics, and colors to ensure that you, your staff, and your office guests are comfortable and supported at all times.

Binder bins are shelves that you can place in your workstations that have an overhead locking door.  The door is on a horizontal hinge and opens upward.  This shelving option is ideal for large item storage.

Let there be light!  We also offer LED lamps which can be attached under binder bins, and full-height or half-height shelves.  If a dimly lit office is your problem, let the Fastcubes team shine a little light on it.

For more information on these accessories and much more, visit our website, where we offer live chat support and where you can request your very own copy of our cubicle buying guide.