The New Year is almost upon us, and that means it is just about time for a fresh start.  Each year, nearly half of Americans make a New Year’s Resolution, but only 8% of those people are successful in achieving their resolution.  Americans promise themselves at the start of the New Year that they will lose weight, save money, or quit smoking, and have well intentions of reaching their goal, so why is it that most New Year’s resolutions fail by the half-way mark?

Overly optimistic goals come from people who mean well, but if you begin with a goal that has high standards, you will become disappointed early on and likely give up.  Setting a resolution that is both measurable and attainable plays a big role in the success of your promise.  And don’t forget motivation.  You won’t succeed if you don’t want to succeed.

So, you couldn’t quit smoking cold-turkey last year?  Did you fail at saving money the year before that?  Your resolutions aren’t doomed for failure; this year can be a big year for you at work if you set the right goals.  I want to share some positive New Year’s resolutions made in the office that you WILL achieve this year with the proper positivity and effort needed.

For the Newbie:

Get more training: Find a handful of things that will make you irreplaceable at work.  Attend conferences, workshops, and seminars, and then share that knowledge with your colleagues.  Instead of setting goals like “get a raise,” improve your knowledge and you just might get that raise anyway.

For the Workaholic:

Know when to step away from work: OK, hear me out on this one!  Overworking yourself causes you to lose out on time that could be used for sleep, exercise, and a social life, which have all been proven to boost energy and productivity.  Vowing to spend more hours at work can backfire because the more you focus on work, new and better ideas will be scarce.

For the Health-Conscious:

Get a standing desk- We’ve all heard by now that sitting all day is harmful to your health.  Why not try setting up a workspace that forces you to stand!  Standing while working not your thing?  There are several alternatives here that you can read about.  I like the idea of a walking meeting; on a nice day it gives an added bonus to enjoy some sunlight.

For the Leader:

Work smarter: Get your team in-check this year.  Is everyone being as productive as they can be?  Find out what needs to change to make your team as dynamic as possible, such as long meetings, wasting time on phone calls, and checking emails several times a day.

For the Cubicle-Dweller:

Update your office design: We’ve all heard it: “A happy workspace equals a happy employee.”  Freshen up your cubicle with some new décor to brighten up your work day with some neat ideas here.  Get organized, and then resolve to stay organized all year.  Clearing out the clutter does wonders for your productivity.

For the Cubicle Neighbor:

Be a considerate worker: What do you need to change to become more considerate to your cubemates?  You might need to stop complaining, criticizing or gossiping so much, or it might be that you water-down that strong perfume or reconsider the tuna casserole at lunch.  Whatever it is that you can change; your neighbor will surely appreciate it.

For the Workplace Socialite:

Get involved: Join in on a company committee, such as a book club or a weekly yoga meeting.  Getting involved with a group of colleagues that you don’t directly work with will help you gain a broader view of your company’s goals and issues, while you get to make new friends at the same time.

Are you planning on setting a New Year’s Resolution for 2015?  We’d love to hear your ideas in the comments below!