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Customer Testimonials

Dive into the success stories of our valued customers with our 'Cubicle Testimonials.' Uncover genuine accounts of businesses transformed by our innovative cubicle solutions. Hear from satisfied clients who have experienced the unmatched quality, functionality, and aesthetic appeal of our cubicles. Join the conversation of businesses that have elevated their workspaces with Cubicles. Your journey to enhanced office environments begins here – explore, resonate, and envision the possibilities through the testimonials that spotlight the excellence we bring to every cubicle project at Fastcubes.

Procter & Gamble - Dover, DE

Quality, Price and Delivery

“We needed to expedite a pretty quick turnaround to get the new cubicles in, I started with the internet like a normal shopper, after a comparison of quality, price, and delivery of the type of furniture we wanted that met our standards, won out.” (See a Post-installation interview with Procter & Gamble‘s Ken Marsh.)
Ken Marsh
Facilities Engineering Department
PSI Network

Easy, fair, and highly recommended

“FastCubes was great to work with on the order and installation of our new cubicle system. The order process was easy and they sent a great installer who was very responsive. When I encountered an issue with a couple of items on the cubicles, they worked with me in a fair way to fix the problem. I would be happy to recommend FastCubes.”
Matt Boyer
Executive Vice President
Better Business Bureau, Inc.

Service with a Smile (and Obsession for Pleasing Customers)

“As Vice President of Operations and Business Relations at the Better Business Bureau, I have had the pleasure of working with John Franklin and FastCubes over the last 90 days for office furniture purchases. BBB was looking to purchase 42 cubicles for a new office and I had the pleasure of connecting with John and working with him on this project.

John is extremely detail oriented and assisted me with purchasing a high volume of cubicles in a relatively short amount of time. He was able to complete multiple drawings and pricing quotes in order to give us solutions that we could evaluate for our needs. He was always available and always delivered our information on time and on our deadline. John was knowledgeable about the product and was able to answer any questions I had about the product, ordering and delivery.

I would not hesitate to recommend John Franklin to any business looking to purchase office furniture. I was thoroughly satisfied with his level of expertise and commitment to our project.”
Deanna Liberti
Vice President of Operations & Business Relations
Advanced Corrosion Technologies & Training - Sulphur, LA

Flexible, Expedient, Price-Conscious choice in FastCubes

“I would like to take a second and commend Fastcubes on an excellent job handling our cubicle purchase experience. Everything was extremely simple and to the point. After researching many cubicle manufacturing companies, we decided on Fastcubes to handle our expansion project. The durability and quality of the cubicle is excellent, as well as the price paid for each unit. Upon our request, Fastcubes was able to expedite the purchase and installation process.

The installers were very helpful accommodating our setup needs based on the amount of area we needed to cover with our cubicles. I would highly recommend Fastcubes to anyone who is interested in a quick, easy setup and install, without sacrificing the quality and durability of the product.”
Adam B. Leger
Director of Accounting
Frost & Sullivan

From Selection Process, to the Price Points, to Ordering, to Delivery and Set-Up, FastCubes Met Every Expectation

“I was tasked with the responsibility to open a brand new office for my firm in NYC. Since my firm’s clients are the who’s who of top executives from around the world – I unquestionably needed top-of the line furniture (conference room tables, chairs, cubes, etc.). My problem was, I had a limited budget – I had champagne taste on a beer budget. I fortuitously stumbled upon I had the pleasure to “meet” John Franklin. I articulated what my exact needs were (in addition to the esthetic I was looking for). I was presented with a myriad of options in a timely fashion. Mr. Franklin worked with my budget. I am delighted to say that my NYC office (and we have over 50 offices) is the showcase office. Mr. Franklin, an extremely knowledgeable man in his field, is a joy to work with – from the selection process, to the price points, to ordering, to the delivery and set-up, he met every expectation.”
Erika Brown
Executive Vice President: Corporate Strategy
Stevenson Industries, Inc. - Simi Valley, CA

The Cubicle Trifecta: Competitive Pricing, Prompt Delivery & Easy Installation

“FastCubes…Before locating FastCubes on the net, I wasted days searching Southern California for used cubicles. What I saw were damaged odds and ends of old cubicles that would cost as much or more than the four cubicles I ordered from you. Delivery was prompt and the cubicles were new and very easy to install. We’ll need more in the near future and I know the first company I’ll be contacting…it’s Fastcubes!”
Joseph Goldstein
American Lifestyle Magazine - King of Prussia, PA

Another Expanding Business Taps FastCubes for Space Planning & Office Furnishing

“Dear FastCubes Office Furniture: Thanks for a fantastic office furniture buying process. We recently expanded our business tremendously, and needed help moving into a new space. Your team was instrumental in helping us map out our work areas. I was also very pleased with your products – great pricing, easy to install, and they look sharp! Thanks again guys.”
Steven Acree
Founder & Publisher

Professional, pleasant to work with

“This is the second time I have worked with FastCubes at Borax. The individuals with whom I have worked are John Franklin, Taras Hawryluk, and James Beatty. All three are professional, pleasant to work with and provide high quality and on time service. They work safe and efficient and I have no complaints and will use them again in the future if the service is needed.”
Carol Vickers
Administrative Specialist
Digital Technology Partners

The whole experience with Fastcubes has been first class

“Our installation was completed yesterday, and I have to say it looks great! The whole experience with Fastcubes has been first class. John was prompt, courteous, and very professional in his design, quotes, and follow-up through the sales cycle. Aubrey stayed on top of the financing to make sure there were no delays in shipment, and Finally Taras, and crew were ultra professional in scheduling, and installation. I would highly recommend Fastcubes to anyone needing a cubicle layout!”
Jonathan Kendrick
Kansas State Bank

The whole process was top-notch

“The whole process from sale to install was top notch and I would highly recommend Fastcubes as well as the installation crew you hired.”
James Stevens
Director of Information Systems
Communications Electronics

“Everything is great.

All went over very well and we couldn’t be happier.”

Scott Bair
IT Manager