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The Eco-Friendly Office – The Benefits and How you can Get Started Today.

Becoming Eco-friendly should be one the main priorities of all companies, and this should be extended to the office. In this blog, we’ve broken down the Benefits, and how you can get started on making your office a better place for the environment.

The Benefits of creating an Eco-Friendly Office

Save Money

Becoming Eco-Friendly can simply mean reducing wastage, which will in-turn, save your company money. Reducing water and electricity wastage will not only keep the planet safe, but can also show just how much the company is spending on lights that are left on for no reason.

Brand Boosting

Going Eco-Friendly has many perks, but a big one would be that companies that choose sustainability are often in the good favor of their consumer, especially if the consumer base is younger people.

Happy Employees Work Better

If your employees feel they are working for a company that is dedicated to the environment, they tend to work harder and increase productivity organically. Natural light and cleaner air will also make your employees healthier.

Tax Benefits

Another great benefits of going green is that, in some cases, you’re eligible to receive a tax write, as the government rewards companies that take an effort in the fight to save the planet.

How to Create an Eco-Friendly Office

Creating an Eco-Friendly Office requires you to rethink how you go about your day, and implementing changes on both a small and large scale. Luckily for us, new technology is coming out everyday that is specifically designed to create a greener office.

Cut Down on Waste

This might be the most challenging, because it applies to many areas and can be done on both a large and small scale. Examples of cutting down on waste would be to use less water and electricity, which can be achieved by making sure there are no leaks in any of your taps or pipes by checking regularly, and installing bigger windows to let more natural light in, to reduce electricity consumption. Small changes can be effective as well, like cutting down on single use plastics.

Use Less Paper

Cutting down on paper will not only save your company thousands in paper and ink costs, but will also help to slow down deforestation. In the past, this was a difficult task, but with Online Invoicing Systems, Staff Management Software and Cloud-Based Software, going paperless is easier than ever. On your path to going paperless, you can become more eco-friendly by recycling as much paper as possible, to ensure minimal wastage.

Perform an Internal Environmental Audit

This is one of the large-scale efforts you can implement, by checking your office thoroughly for ways to become more eco-friendly. This can include measuring how many plastic cups you use, finding out exactly how much printing is done per year, and how long the lights are left on at night.

Promote a Better Commute

Car emissions are a problem for the environment, so you should offer incentives for carpooling, and if you can, send a van on a route to pick up your employees.

Invest in Sustainable Materials

Your Cubicles and Office chairs should be sensible sourced and sustainable, which is where Fast Cubes comes in. Our Office Planning, Cubicles and installation is smooth and takes the environment into consideration.

We all need to do our part to combat climate change, and promote a healthy environment for future generations, and we can start by implementing changes at the office, the place we spend most of our time at outside of our home. Going green has many benefits and is getting easier every day, so we have no excuses.

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