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Why is a comfortable workspace important?

Whatever you want to call it, we all know that feeling of the afternoon slump, The Monday Blues, and the mid-afternoon crash. But did you know that your environment has a big part to play in pushing past these feelings that impact your workflow? Experts say that a comfortable workspace doesn’t just feel great, but also helps to boost productivity, efficiency, and morale.

Creating a Comfortable Workspace

How to create a comfortable workspace:

There’s actually a science to it!

  • Pay attention to the furniture! Your chairs should have armrests and be created ergonomically for your elbow to bend at a 90-degree angle and for your feet to be flat and firm on the floor. Your desk height is important too, so make sure you get a height-adjustable desk.
  • Allow natural light to boost your mood and make you more productive. If natural light isn’t available, make sure your eyes are not strained. Get adequate artificial lighting in the workspace to help with reading, writing, and other activities.
  • Keeping the temperature at a good balance in your office is also critical. Keeping the atmosphere too hot will negatively affect your concentration and keeping the room too cold decreases your productivity.
  • Create an inviting and uplifting space. Experts say that office décor should include a hint of home. Bring in an element of coziness such as a rug or photo collection. Photos that trigger pleasant memories, such as family time or vacations are ideal. Make the space inviting, not just for others, but also for you, as you’re going to spend a large portion of your day there. Bring in some decoration that makes you feel at home and motivates you to success. It could be a funny poster or a favorite art print. Balancing comfort with functionality optimizes your work ability.
  • Stay organized: having a disorganized space not only puts a physical barrier to productivity but also affects your mood, whether you realize it or not. On the most practical level, a messy space requires more time spent on locating what you need! One key to staying clutter-free is to keep decorative items off of your desk and on a shelf where you can see them instead. When determining what to include on your desk, only keep essential items at arm’s reach.
  • Eliminate mess from wires and cords! A disorderly pile of wires and cords is not only annoying but also distracting and can hamper both your mood and the functionality of your office. Make sure to tie or tape cords and wires as much out of sight and out of the way as possible.

How we can help:

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